About us


We are glad to introduce you to our wines, made with passion, knowledge and professionalism by big and small Italian producers that have been assuring for generations the best value for money.
The wines shown here, also available in our wine shop, are suitable for all days of the week, for all special occasions and for a certainly very appreciated gift.
If properly stored, white wines, rosé and dessert wines can last for about 2-3 years,  red wines and Passito 4-6 years and more than 15 years the finest aged ones. That’s why buying a wine can be considered also as a long-term investement.

Every bottle needs to be stored in lying position, in a fresh place and far away from smells. However, if that’s not possible, you can drink the wine and we will be ready to supply you with some more.
We tried to describe each wine providing information about its producer and its technical and organoleptic details, as well as our food pairing suggestions.
When possible, we suggest to start the meal with a white or a sparkling wine, going on with a red wine and to finish it with a dessert wine, perfect for every sweet course. Also Passito can match the dessert and can be enjoyed as meditation wine.

In Lombardy we gained the exclusive on the wines of some producers, we serve the HO.RE.CA. channel with special discounts and we offer our customers a free shipping and delivery service for the areas nearby.


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